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About Us

  How Vote 4 Charity works

We let you Vote for your favorite Charities and at the end of each year, You Help us to decide which Charity to donate too! You can Vote on our Home page or by listing a Website on our Search Engine.

You can see the most Voted Charity that's in the lead by looking at the list on our Home page. When we donate to the most Voted for Charity the amount we donate is decide by how much we make at the end of each year.

 How Search 4 Charity works

Search for your School, Church, College and your Favorite Charities.

It's Easy, Just get our Toolbar on our Home page. Pick your Favorite Charities from our list or if you don't see your favorite Causes Email us and we'll add it to our list and Search For Charity.

You Search the Internet like you normally would with our Toolbar and we'll donate to your Cause.

All Charities get lifetime memberships and can submit their Websites for free. If you are a Charity just send in your URL and description to customer service

We got Hundreds of Charities that have been added to our voting list. Users can choose from and Vote for one of these each time they add a Website to be listed on our Search Engine.

If you don't see your favorite Charity, email us and we'll add it to the list. With hundreds of categories to choose from, Website Owners now have an affordable way to get new visitors to their site and make a Difference!

Vote For Charity is dedicated to providing the most comprehensive listing of Websites on our Search Engine for the Internet. We believe that by filling our database with Sponsors and Websites our Search Engine can help a lot of Charities. So get on board and
Make a Difference!

To get to our Search Engine faster type in

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